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Jesus is Lord of lords, King of kings

Revelation 17v14      

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May 14th: 10:30 am Morning Service: Margaret Cook

May 21st  10:30 am Morning Service: Graham Fuller

May 28th: 10:30 am Morning Service – Pentecost: Andy Malcolm


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The Coronation


Today I received the Coronation mug which I had ordered, to add to my collection which goes back to 1897 when Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.  KIng Charles 111 will be crowned this month in the place where all of his predecessors, since 1066, have been crowned, Westminster Abbey.  For a number of reasons there is not the same excitement and anticipation as there was in 1953 when his mother was crowned.  Then it was wonderful to have something to look forward to after years of austerity and war.  He has always known that he would be our monarch but did he wonder if it would ever happen?

Essentially the Coronation is a Christian ceremony when the King and, this time, the Queen consort are anointed with oil which has been especially prepared and blessed.  This part of the proceedings is hidden from view.  King Charles and Queen Camilla will promise God and the people, to serve, with God’s help. We do well to pray for them.

Promises are very important.  Do we sometimes make them lightly? 

We will keep them if it’s not too inconvenient for us?

Many times in the Old Testament part of the Bible we read that the people replied to their leaders,” All that you have said we will do.”  They do,,,for a while!  Then the promise is broken with predictable consequences.

God keeps His promises.
In Hebrews we read “he who promised is faithful”  (10:23) “Not one of the Lord’s good promises failed (Josh:21:45)

How do we measure up? What promises have we made? We recently sung this hymn, “O Jesus I have promised to serve Thee to the end.”