Memory Verse

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God;  He is the faithful God…

Deuteronomy 7v9


What’s on this month

July 7th 10:30 am Morning Service: Phil Sparkes

July 14th 10:30 am Morning Service: Simon Ladd

July 21st 10:30 am Morning Service: Margaret Cook

July 28th 10:30 am Morning Service: Phil Sparkes

June 30th 10:30 am Morning Service: Sing & Share, Bring & Share – Graham Fuller


Upcoming Events

You are very welcome to come to any of our events:

Starting on Thursday June 6th 2024 at 7pm at Stuart & Rita’s House.

6 sessions every 2 weeks

July 22nd 3pm Summer Tea 

September 27th 7:30pm Harvest Supper

September 29th 10:30am Harvest Thanksgiving Service


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What would we, English, talk about if there wasn’t weather? 

Over the last few years our farmers have experienced some challenging climatic conditions; either too dry, too wet, too hot, or too cold.  Many wondered this year, if the seed would   be sown or whether there would ever be a harvest.

Nevertheless, all around us there are fields of wheat or barley looking really good.  The awns on the barley are already turning yellow indicating that harvest is approaching and soon the combines will be in the fields. July is the month when schools break up, traditionally for the beginning of harvest, so that the children could help in the fields.

God promised Noah after the flood, recorded in Genesis, that as long as the earth remained, seedtime and harvest, summer and winter would not cease. (Gen:8:22 ) The promise does not say that the harvest will be superbly abundant every year! We are aware that some parts of the world experience famine. However, there is enough for every one if we all share.

The crops growing in the fields are not the only things to be harvested!  Jesus often spoke in farming terms especially in the parables he told. Matthew records a story about wheat and weeds which Jesus later explained (Matt:13:36 ff). He said that the field was the world and that there were two sorts of people, some belonged to God and the others didn’t. At harvest they will be sorted out.  Be ready!