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In your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. 1Peter 3:15


December 4th Monday Meet afternoon tea 

December 17th 6:30pm Carols by Candlelight

January 26th 7:30pm Girls' Night - Jan in the Kitchen 

Sunday 19th 10am Miles Coulter

Monday 20th 2:30pm Monday Meet with Andy Jarrold 

Tuesday 21st 4:30pm Mission Update at Bryan & Gwen's

Sunday 26th 10am Ian Copeman

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Rules for living.

The first Highway Code was published in 1931 and cost 1d (old penny) to buy.  It urged all road users to be careful and considerate towards others, putting safety first.  However mirrors were not mentioned and drivers of horse drawn vehicles were told to use their whip to indicate the direction they wished to turn.  The first edition carried advertisements and was 18 pages long.  In 1954 coloured illustrations and motorway driving were included.  In 2012 the official Highway Code app for phones etc was introduced.

Human behaviour needs boundaries, for corporate and individual well being.  I heard recently of a family who had never set any boundaries for their son, who now, at the age of 13, is uncontrollable.

God too, has set down basic rules for His people to live by.  These were originally gicen to Moses... the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).  The Jewish leaders added to them over the years making life a huge burden.  Jesus gave a summary of the law in Luke 10:27, 'Love God, and love your neighbour'.  Jesus said that we will be judged by our motives and attitudes, whether we are living within God's boundaries in practical holiness.

The Highway Code, the rules of the road, are written to save life.  If we have a accident and claim not to know the rules, we are without excuse.  God's Word is written to give us eternal life.  If we have never read God's message, we too are without excuse.